Does trauma affect IQ?

If I remember correctly I think my therapist once said that people who have experienced trauma can lose at least 20 to 30 points.


From experience, I would guess yes. Unfortunately. But I’I sure recovery is possible.

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Is recovery possible? Can someone find this out? The study I read didn’t mention anything about recovery.

I think transcranial magnetic and transcranial direct current stimulation helps with trauma.

That sounds pretty extreme. I doubt it’s anywhere near that much.


"Does trauma affect IQ?"
if i was traumatized, that would be the least of my worries. if anything, that would probably make me more paranoid about being traumatized.

Yes. Because trauma can result in dissociative symptoms. And these drastically decrease memory. Idk if that’s what IQ is, but it’s what I experience

So a person with schizophrenia for example doesnt experience reduced IQ due to trauma? Im not buying this article. I would say a person with schizophrenia would experience reduced IQ due to trauma as well as the cognitive deficits that come with the disorder. The dimishing of cognitive function would be even greater when combined with trauma. The two factors would multiply the negative effects on a persons cognitive abilities. But thats just my opinion. It makes sense though and my therapist agrees.

If its only five points then I must be a congenital idiot. I dont think Im intellectually disabled, but I just cant figure out whats wrong with me intelligence wise. They say its schizophrenia but I just dont know. I dont recall ever feeling smart. Ive always been

Ive even seen retarded people drive and work. And I cant do any of that stuff. My coordination is the worst. I hear nonsense syllables in my head all the time and I even frequently feel like blurting obscenities. I feel crazy. I feel like an idiotic. Its like somethings doing this to me. Something made me this way in order to keep me from being successful. I feel like a little boy. I dont think the same as everyone else. Life is not fun for me. Im so incredibly flawed.

Screw it. l just reread the article and I dont even understand what Im reading. Dont even bother trying to explain it to me. I dont really care.