Does this sound like someone who would be approved for a social security disability review?

i’m on ssdi disability and am preparing for a review. i wrote out an example of my typical day. does it sound like someone who should be approved for continuing benefits?

any comments or words of wisdom regarding this quote below or the review?

“my general approach to daily life is to keep my stress very low, my life semi-structured, and otherwise avoiding triggers of my illness. I wake up and to collect myself I breathe deep and relax from any pent up anxiety. throughout the day, i watch news or shows on tv. or, i go through facebook and random internet surfing. lots of calming music. i decide which to do based on what i’m able to do, lay on my bed with my laptop, lay for tv etc. i usually lay, because i have a problem standing and sitting. sometimes i am physically and mentally incapable of doing certain types of these things. i eat my meals. my medication makes me want to over eat so i have constant battles with that. i might go out to town to walk around. if i go to a restaurant or movie, for example, my ability to sit often doesn’t last long. i often have to pace in the building or go do laps on the side walk outside, because of my anxiety. i always keep my car in the back of my mind, because it’s a makeshift place for me to lay down if i need it, in the back seat, or to sit if there are no chairs around. i’ve also found it helps to walk a couple miles first if i need to sit for a couple hours, like watching a movie. sometimes walking doesn’t allow me enough to sit or stand still, or do something like watch a movie. daily walking has lessened the frequency that i go to the ER. one day without walking will leave me feeling explosively anxious. i need lots of free time because i need to walk a lot to be adequate. because of my physical anxiety, i cannot work in an office or sit down role. it is very hard for me to go to catholic mass with my family, because it involves a lot of standing and sitting still. if i socialize, most of my problems are that i have to pace around because i can’t sit or stand still. i also have to lay or sit, sometimes, in the middle of socializing. i try to keep most socializing with people i know, or going out in public when in the right mood, because strangers find my behavior odd. besides my inability to be still, i also suffer from being socially awkward in general. i dont socialize with strangers much but back when i tried more in the past, id overhear people talking about how weird i am or get strange looks. if i am around strangers, i try to keep my encounters brief, or find ways to get away if needed. when i’m not in town, i either use the treadmill or outside road as a place to work off anxiety problems or a manic attack. stressful events can trigger a manic attack and, again, i end up pacing around. for instance, going to the therapist half the time is too stimulating and i start becoming manic. (besides the mania, i also experience physical anxiety at the therapist… my therapist says i ‘have ants in my pants’, because i often can’t sit still or my legs bounce, or when i’m doing telephone appointments i have to pace and start panting and losing breath while talking… i have to walk for miles before the appointment to stay still, but even then there’s no guarantees) i usually have this therapist issue, and several other examples to tell the psychiatrist each time i see him of simple but stressful events triggering my mood. other examples are just things related to living life, dealing with cars, health insurance, taxes, rent and living arrangements, work etc. i dont think it’s wise or healthy for me to push my limitations by living a life full of potential triggers. and it wouldn’t be healthy for me to work more than a day or two per week, because of how it affects my mood/anxiety and sometimes psychosis. i sometimes hallucinate that my cell phone is making sounds that it really isn’t, or i hallucinate my father’s voice. sometimes these interfere with me working. (i have to ask co-workers if they hear the ringing that i’m hallucinating) sometimes i can’t distinguish between reality and hallucinations. (i might think my dad is talking when he isn’t, or i might think i’m hallucinating a cell phone noise when i’m really not, or i think it’s real when it really isn’t) stress makes these hallucinations worse. there are always delusional thoughts simmering in my mind to some degree. i also have a slew of intrusive thoughts that are like gibberish or outlandish thoughts. usually when it starts getting dark out, i have a panic attack, if i am to have one that day. see remarks section for more on that. before sleep, i try to take my medication at the same time everyday to keep my mood stable, because if i miss or am late in taking it, i feel manic and it gets progressively worse the longer i am not medicated. especially when manic, i fear staying up for days on end and ending up back in the state psych ward. i end up sleeping too much usually, or too little, irregular.”

im able to work 16 hours a week, and mostly suffer from an inability to sit and stand still. my schizo symptoms i’m afraid could get worse but are mild, along with same with my bipolar symptoms.

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How long have you been on disability? :bear::bear::bear:

8 years… 888888888888

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If they deny you, get a lawyer. :elephant::elephant::elephant:

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I think you clearly wrote out your struggles. It’s easy to understand. If you get kicked off disability, fight it with an attorney


I don’t see any reason they would cut you off your disability.

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In the U.K. that evidence would probably get you denied benefits. I would advice you get straight to the point with your evidence.

This is how I wrote my assessment form. I’m lucky as I have a care team to support me. With this evidence sent I awarded full benefits without face-to-face assessment for longest duration to apply again. I just got all this information from my records over the years.**

bobbilly currently takes medication via depot injection, this is 4 weekly and is administered by a nurse at !@£$£%. A staff member accompanies bobbilly to depot appointments as these cause Billy great anxiety and without staff support bobbilly will refuse to attend.

bobilly is also proscribed PRN Diazepam for anxiety. when needed , these are administered orally through tablet form by staff

bobbilly has in the past taken an overdose of medication to end his life

Medication is kept in locked draw in the office and administered by staff. bobbilly has led staff to believe he has taken his meds when they have been administered but has spat them out afterwards. Staff must supervise and observe meds have been taken and log in medication folder.

bobbilly is not able to order or collect his medication due to taking overdoses of medication, this is on verbal instruction from the Dr on call at the !@£$$ at !@£$%. Staff must pick up meds from pharmacy and log them in and out of medication folder.

bobilly is on a section 3 community treatment order that states that he must take his medication and that he must attend his health appointments.

bobbilly may not be willing to seek medical attention to undergo medical procedures as advised by medical staff… When unwell bobilly often lacks insight into his illness and thinks there is nothing wrong with himself… His compliance fluctuates because of this. He will refuse to take his antipsychotic medication and has to be recalled back to hospital so they can administer it.

bobbilly will have pre-occupation with thoughts about care professionals keeping secret files on him and that there is a vendetta against him. When not taking antipsyctic medication bobilly presents with an increase of suspiciousness and paranoid thoughts of a persecutory nature. He will think that there is a conspiracy, involving his care team, out to harm him. He thought that services are colluding together in order to cause him harm

non-compliant and lock his self in room

bobilly has a history of dismantling the fixtures and fittings of his home and may remove fire alarms to precent them going off when cooking.

bobbilly is at risk of harm, injury ir retaliatory violence when under the influence of alcohol, Billy has been financially abused and psychically assaulted in there past by a man he considered to be a friend, he allowed this man to severely lacerate his arm,. For which he didn’t seek medical attention. His vulnerability to exploitation significantly increases when he is consuming alcohol. bobbilly has poor daily living skills and in the past loved in poor conditions, He has accidentally set his duvet alight while cooking.

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I think you’ll be fine with that. Especially if you’ve been hospitalized since your last review. If you have been, you should list the dates and circumstances of the events that made you check it.

IMO, start with your pain points. The way you start your review sounds like a vacation.

Evoke pity from the start.

Good luck.

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Yeah, I guess it’s OK. This may sound funny, but it almost seems like you’re being too friendly and conversational and it takes away from how terrible schizophrenic symptoms are and how horribly they affect your life. I would sneak in a few horrible facts or horrible experiences you’ve had just to emphasize how disabling and severe this disease can get on occasion. I mean, you kinda cover it anyways, but I would do it more and sneak some in there. Maybe put in more specific bad experiences you’ve had and don’t exaggerate or lie, but don’t sugarcoat them either. Tell them the gritty details.

Otherwise, it sounds like you covered a lot and explained the situation fairly well.


what are your disability reviews like? do you go into extensive details about how you are limited? or do you just let them assume that because you get treatment and state your symptoms at the doctor, that you will be alright?

see above 15151515151515

IDK. I’m actually under review right now and I’m not sure exactly what I will write. I will mention my symptoms for sure. I will say my symptoms prevent me from supporting myself on my own. I will tell them about my hospitalization four years ago and how I live in supported housing.

I will tell them my disability affects every aspect of my life. Of course I will tell them I’ve been on medication most of my life and will probably be on it for the rest of my life. Etc.

The thing is to build a strong case and tell them all the negative stuff about the disease without being dishonest. They know from my records what I can do, they know I can work part-time, take classes, take care of myself for the most part.

But I will also tell them what I can’t do which is socialize OK and have lots of friends and be happy as most other people. And the list goes on.

so you don’t just write the same routine response each time you are reviewed? you tailor each review to how you are at the time? i figured eventually there may be small changes but my responses will become standard. you got the thing of having done this for decades, so you have some experience that is helpful with this.

TBH, I really don’t remember what I put each time. I don’t memorize it or keep a copy of it or anything. And this is my first review in a very long time. I guess I usually cover the basics like I wrote above. I might mention I’ve been sick for 40 years and I will never fully recover. I might mention the problem with my neighbors, and I might not, they’re driving me out and it may strengthen my case.

For me, it took 6 months. I was extremely sick. I had everything and a diagnosis of schizophrenia. It’s probably harder these days. Some people get it faster and some (most?) need to appeal and get a lawyer or wait longer. I got back pay. Initially, I was hesitant because I was highly independent and motivated and thought I could get better. Politcally, I was a Libertarian and didn’t believe or want “free” money. I have since changed my views and have got more compassion and empathy for others. It’s been an extremely hard learning experience.

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I’ve gotten 1 mini review and I just had my pdoc and therapist fill it out. I got told I won’t be reviewed again, and that was 5-6 years ago about 2 years after we changed states.

Otherwise I just right they can get a release of info if they want at my records.

But I haven’t worked since 2009 and am med resistant and have chronic pain, but we never made a claim on the pain when I filed so I never got seen by a judge or disability doc. I did get a lawyer who didn’t have to go cause of course, denied at first. But day before court he got a letter dated a week prior that case was approved, no court appt for him. Guy got me a total of 18k in back pay for SSDI and SSI and kids back pay, I signed he gets 25% of it. But instead he said forget it, charged me 2300 bucks and then he ended up running for DA of that county. He was a good guy, hear he still takes cases when he can since he did win DA.


@77nick77 I think you should absolutely mention your issues with your neighbors. Regardless of the truth, it will come across as you being extremely paranoid, which will only help your case.

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You’ve heard of a back-handed compliment, right?

That’s kind of a back-handed good suggestion, lol.

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Hey, play the cards you were dealt. If you can make yourself sound crazier on the review without technically lying, I say do it.

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