Does this sound like schizoaffective?

I get for a week or two homicidal fantasies I am cursing the whole world and imagining “people” (you want to laugh anime characters) getting tortured raped murdered by me and then sometimes I get angrier and I get homicidal ideation imagining the real world and when I am completely nuts I am having homicidal ideation at the same time that I am having suicidal ideation (the first two weeks on Wellbutrin were this hell) when it is all over I feel happy and all of this disappears for two or three weeks and then it returns I asked my pdoc if I was bipolar and she said “sometimes people have a little of bipolar and a little of schizophrenia” she didn’t said schizoaffective just this and added Abilify

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To me it doesn’t but, more like the general emotional dysregulation often seen in schizophrenia. I get like that sometimes, but the experiences are always transient.

Are these experiences tied up with paranoia, or to other, more bizarre delusions?

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I don’t see the mood part.
Only schizophrenia


They are tied up with some paranoid thinking like wrong believes about the world and people that go away for example I think people want to hurt me and that makes me violent I have a very messed up way of thinking during them I guess I just have a very violent schizophrenia.

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