Does this sound like cystitis (in a guy)

Starting last night my lower abdomen, just above my groin feels a little weird. I think it is just above the bladder.

When I say weird is just that I have an ‘awareness’ of my bladder. Kinda feels like I can feel it in a numb, stony kind of way

Have no pain. Passed no blood but my pee smelled a little weird just then. No pains in the kidneys.

It is my understanding that cystitis is less common in males. I am drinking lots of fluids. Have no access to cranberry juice.

Think this warrants a trip to the gp next week?

Nobody here is a doctor.

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I’ve been prone to UTIs in the past. On Tuesday it was like someone had stuck a needle in it as I was peeing. There was also the funny odour you’ve described. Luckily the next day everything was all right again

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