Does this site have PM option?

I really… need to talk to someone… :frowning:

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Once you’re no longer on new user status, you’ll have the PM option available.


Oh okay… thank you …

Did you want to PM someone specifically?

No no sorry it’s okay… Just in general

Just to clarify, other regular users can PM you and you can respond. As a New User, you just can’t initiate a PM until you become a regular user.

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Oh okay thank you that makes sense - sorry :sweat_smile:


@doodle where r u from…!!!

I’m Canadian ! How about you ?

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@doodle i am nepali…!!!

How old are U …??? I am 31yrs old…!!!

I used to live in Canada when I was a child, Toronto, loved it

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Oh yeah? I visit Toronto a lot because my grandparents live there but I’m in the GTA ;^) where do you live now ? @YayaC

Oh… I don’t really wanna say! But younger then you :sweat_smile:

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Hahah funny…!!! Are u male or female…??? Btw i am male…!!!

I live pretty far away on the other side of the world :slight_smile:

Is there stil a legoland in Ontario place? Haha

I actually don’t know! Despite living really close I’ve only went up the CN tower once or twice and I’ve only been to Ontario place once- when I went it was pretty barren though!

I remember threre being a Lego land in Ontario place and I used to love it, but we rarely had enough money to buy some Legos hehe

The Cn tower is amazing isn’t it? I mean, those glass floors, brr…

It is! I’m really scared of heights so I couldn’t go on those glass floors. Have you ever been to the restaurant up there ? It spins!

Yeah I vaguely remember being there once as a child… Some view…

The glass floors were the best part of the cn tower for me… Even though I’m afraid of heights too!!

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