Does this mean paralitic ileus?

There is one explanation on side effect list at my medication prescription

“blocked bowels with decreased peristaltic”

When i search this there is a term called “paralitic ileus” appear.does this term means paralitic ileus

i think i have irritable bowel syndrome.its says ibs occur due to stress and childhood trauvma.i have both of them.paralitic ileus its just too serious

ps: Chronic Functional Constipation this is more accurate to my symptoms because i have not any pain or discomfort

wanted to be the first one to reply.
I have no idea.
never wanted to be a doctor.

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Peristaltics are the muscle movements that move the food through your digestive system. Specifically, the guts and colon.
So reduced peristaltics mean your need to poo might decrease.

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Ask your doctor for ways to increase bowel tone. Maybe drink more water and eat probiotics.

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İ ask a doctor and he said that it looks like irritable bowel syndrome and advice to eat more food with fiber.since i am eating fruit such as apple problem solved.

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And also said that ibs doesn t have to be necessarly then i have definitely ibs