Does this look safe to anyone else? (fly boarding)

My family is due in San Diego for a huge wedding/ family reunion soon and my sis found Fly Boarding.

She wants to do this. I think it’s the worst idea ever. But she really wants to try it.


That looks incredibly fun. Someone’s gonna break a neck though.

The only thing I’ve seen that looks more fun, and more dangerous, is a wing suit.

Oh, don’t let your sis watch the video I posted. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just posting that I hope she doesn’t see this… :wink:

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I don’t think you could make me do either of them things, I’m too chicken! However I do want to do rock climbing and would love to mountaineer. It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing either anytime soon but I can dream ;)!

I think express your concern but accept if she really wants to do it she may do it, I think it must be supervised so she will be in good hands and with people who know what they’re doing (well hopefully).

Take care,

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Omg that’s awesome.

It looks like its mildly dangerous, but so much FUN!

Safe enough.

Go for it.

That looks like a blast to me, I would totally do that!

Ooo, I’d try it. I’ve water skied before and snow skied, so probably just have to get your balance…and you don’t HAVE to go 40 feet high. Looks like you can stay low if you want.
I’ve flown in dreams a lot so I bet it’s similar to that. In fact in dreams sometimes i can change direction or altitude by shifting my body certain ways…so I could probably do that flyboard.
If she does it, just tell her don’t try anything like the professionals are doing!

Looks like fun! Water is pretty safe to crash in if she fails. :wink:

Depends on how fast you are going. I took a couple spills water skiing that hurt like a big slap. I didn’t have a suit or a helmet though, so those would probably lessen the impact.

Oh. You are right. I’ve crashed with water skis too. It wasn’t a soft landing.

My sis and I have both had some hard wipeouts on our boards… OUCH!

I know I like extreme stuff, but that tops me.