Does this heat sap your motivation?

Like it’s too hot to be bothered.


When it is so warm I tend to shower more often. But today I layed, after the nursing service has come in the morning, till 2.30 pm in my bed. Longer as on any other day.

It’s too hot to lay in my bed so I lay on top of the cover.

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Yes it does. I try to stay cool.
I’m a fan of winter over summer lol

Dude I don’t go outside in this southern heat. So much nope lol. I’ll be staying inside til fall and winter come lol


I think it’s easier to get comfortably warm in the winter than in the summer.


It’s too hot for me to walk…that’s how I get my exercise.

I’ve only been out grocery shopping since this current heatwave.

A fan turned right in front of you helps.

I’ve been like that since I was little. I’d go out side and go around moping and go back inside.

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I spend my day in an air conditioned office. Sometimes it’s nice to go outside and experience a little bit of weather. But you can only take so much of the heat before you need to head back in again.

I’ve lived in both worlds before and after air conditioning. Each has it’s value.

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