Does this have a explanation?

Maybe im being paranoid again, but I was searching for schizophrenia memes and I saw this: then, in the same day I search for chinese memes and again, I see this image that has absolutely no relation with my search or maybe im just paranoid again? Anyways this doesnt scare me but, this is too much coincidence or its normal?

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don’t be skressed about it, honestly to me it makes no sense

That’s just creepy. I would be freaking out too. But we both need to just calm down and remind ourselves it’s just a coincidence for sure.

Thanks I really appreciate


Hi, memes’ background pictures are very common, you’ll see many memes with the same bases.


Interesting, coincidence, 3rd time I would say freaky so maybe look up one more type of meme and see what happens.

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Lol. Like @zeno said certain images are “famous” and people create lots of memes out of them. That’s all.


That doesn’t make any sense bro.

Thanks for your answers, if this coincidences happen again I will look them as coincidences, but I must admit, I feel a little bit worried when it happens

It’s not abnormal. This is a stock photo that was bought by two different people and used in two different ways.


It’s just a meme. Memes are used in a lot of different ways.

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What kind of meme is this? If you can even call it that? Like I understand that bottom text usually means memes but this really doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

I agree that they are stupid memes and they don’t make sense. But, they are memes nonetheless.

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