Does this hat look too much like a nazi helmet? It was on sale

Is this safe to wear?

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Reads kinda military but not necessarily Nazi to me. But you don’t sport an awful lot of hair - could send the wrong message. Nazi would be a reasonable interpretation.

Doesn’t look particularly nazi to me

I don’t see any nazi in it… o.O lol

take care :alien:

That’s Metal Mulisha, no? I thinks it’s fine. I really like that spiffy vintage chair.


It is that brand! Yeah it was three bucks on sale

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It does have the Nazi lip on it. For three bucks I wouldn’t wear it in public. It might give people the wrong message. Or better yet, really don’t post a picture with you wearing it anywhere, so no one has evidence of you wearing it.


Depends on what that Japanese says on your jacket… :laughing:

I don’t see Nazi, but you know it’s on backwards, right?


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If you go around worrying about offending someone these days with anything you might as well sit in your basement staring at the wall all day every day. I got banned for 3 days on Facebook for a picture I had on there for months that shouldn’t have even been offensive so I told it to delete my account because I’m not putting up with that ■■■■.

I threw it away- suspicion as to why it was 2.50$- does look like a nazi helmet

Well that’s an affordable mistake

Gonna buy a Jack Skellington one somewhere online. I need it. I have three Jack t shirts.

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What was the picture that was so “offensive”?

I put myself in the marching hammers scene of Pink Floyd’s The Wall while I was wearing a trench coat and had just shaved my head at the time because I resembled Pink at that part of the movie.

I was even put in as lazy as possible where I was standing in it at an awkward angle due to bad editing on purpose.

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