Does this happen when you are psychotic?

does this happen when your psychotic? That you are unable to read and retain the words that you read. And what about following the plot of a tv show are you able to follow one, or remember what you saw a while after you have seen it.

It happens to me occasionally. I don’t have to be psychotic. Sometimes stress builds up and I can’t concentrate on reading or watching a movie.

I don’t know about you, but stress is usually what tailspins me into psychosis .

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No… when I’m not doing well and the wheels are starting to wobble… No… I can’t understand what I’m reading… I can’t follow conversation or even concentrate on what’s being said to me.

I don’t own a T.V. so that part is a non issue.

but my concentrating and ability to understand goes away.

Is yours related to stress @SurprisedJ ?

Oh yes… stress can unravel me. A little bit of stress I’ve been getting better at handling.

Anxiety and stress… that is a sure spin into to panic attack and an episode.

Have you found anything that works to keep you from going down that path?

Yes. When psychotic I lose train of thought and focus very quickly, makes it almost impossible to focus on anything.

I also have trouble understanding speech…like suddenly I lose the ability to understand English.

When I’m in a psychotic state my brain is jello, not good for much of anything but basic function.

Lots of ■■■■ goes haywire but I can keep my focus pretty well. It’s just having to deal with people and keep up in realtime is a little nerve wracking.

I also get over layed words sometimes when I’m reading a sentence. Have to reread real quick. It’s sort of like dyslexia but it’s the total substitution of words. That only happens a few times a day though.

I find I get confused easily anyway, and stress only exacerbates things.

Aside from meds…

I do try and used calming techniques before the anxiety hits…

Stay mindful and try to fight the catastrophic thinking with calm logic.

Sometimes just getting away from the situation also helps… making sure to decompress when I can… Also I find I feel better when I can talk to someone.

i can’t understand one sentence let alone a whole paragraph.
TV can’t follow at all, think it’s all them bigging me up or whatever for finally becoming awake

When I have a psychotic episode I can’t see the blue sky, but my might says, feel the cup that you like and enjoy the sweet tea. My senses somehow get lost but I try to battle this because I know it’s dangerous and harmful.

"There is nothing we can do and nowhere we can hideas darkness as consumes our formal light , now shadowed by fear’s linger.”
― weyhey_harry

When I’m having episodes it’s hard to for me to read. The words get all blurred together or I miss a line and have to re-read something to make sure I got it. I do have problems with concentrating through movies,especially movies with an in depth plot line, but I can typically handle a TV episode.

Yes, my brain is like scrambled eggs when I am truly having an episode. I’m like that every morning before my meds.

When I’m having an episode I don’t even think about reading.

And even if I did, I would think the words were talking about me.

Yeah this happens to me when psychotic. And when really stressed, it gets hard to read.

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