Does this feeling ever go away?

I feel like the days go by so slowly… And I can’t stand it. I have been a Stay At Home Mom for 2 years now, and I used to be able to get through the days a lot easier and lately it is just so hard on me. I watch movies with the kids, play with them, and things to try and pass the days… but it is getting so depressing watching the clock move by so slow, and waiting on my fiance to get home…

…and when he gets home he just lays down because he is so tired from work. I have made a post similar to this before but the feeling is getting worse.

Sometimes sitting here in the house all day (because we don’t have any extra money whatsoever, not even for gas to go anywhere), gets on my nerves. Seriously.

Sometimes, I just feel like if I end it then I won’t have to deal with life anymore… that is what it has come down to. I went to my psychiatrist and they changed my anti-depressant, so I hope it starts working soon…

How do I get past this? I am just so depressed I can’t deal with life anymore.

The schizophrenia was diagnosed last year when I was seeing dead people in my house. Now it just causes me to be unable to think clearly and I can’t ever focus or sit still.

I am on Thorazine and Prolixin for the management of schizophrenia, but they still don’t seem to be working.

hi there im sorry your going through a difficult patch if you ever have suicidle thoughts and you have a diagnosis of schizophrenia its important to seek help. from your GP sometimes a med tweak here or there a word with a phyciatrist or an offer of councelling can make all the difference i hope you feel less like that soon i am very familiar with that feeling but it does go away again hugsx

They just changed my medicine and added Thorazine. Maybe it will start working soon.

I hope it works out for you :smiley: