Does this class as a binge?

I am talking in terms of food. Would you class this as a binge?

  • Small pot of raspberries and cherries.
  • Small yogurt with a few dollops of nutella and biscoff spread.
  • Small Chocolate caramel icecream cone.
  • 15 mini chocolate chip cookies.
  • 4 chocolate filled doughnuts.
  • Jacket potato with cheese and bolognaise.

This wasn’t all eaten in one sitting- it’s what I have had throughout the day. Usually I eat below 1000 calories :confused: but today I ate what I wanted, although now I feel guilty and the thoughts are saying I should throw it all up but I can’t because my parents are in the house all night.

Eating below 1000 calories is dangerous and can damage your internal organs like your heart.

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You should take an antipsychotic. There is one called Abilify that doesn’t give weight gain. And it will rid you of those annoying thoughts.

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I have a problem with binging. Especially on carbs. I feel so guilty I make myself sick. Feel worse overall for these behaviours

I don’t know about recommending an anti psychotic to a bulimic. I recommend she see a psychiatrist though. And soon. She needs behavioral therapy. Bulimia is a very dangerous condition. It can kill.

I’m not bulimic. I only do it once or twice per month.

If I only ate that during an entire day, I’m pretty sure I’d faint, feel very bad, or get very grumpy.

A “binge” is, for me, when you in one sitting eat a large amount of food or snacks.

The body needs food and nutrients, and the brain need carbohydrates.
If I were to eat less than 1000 calories a day, I would be constantly hungry and feeling dizzy.

Whether you vomit twice a month or twice a day is irrelevant.
The fact that you feel the need to do that, and to eat that little, are serious indicators that you should seek help before things get too much out of hand.

Form reading the posts it seems like a eating disorder could be at work. Feeling the need or want to throw up or guilt over eating just a normal amount of food or the things you like to eat.

Eating a 1000 Cal’s a day or under will harm your body is simply unhealthy sorry.

Coming form me please see someone talk with them get help, do not want to turn out like me the girl that stopped eating and did end up with some unhappy health issues form it.

Be well V~

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I’m thinking that maybe you should see a eating disorders therapist. What you describe isn’t severe, but if you continue on this path it could get worse. You would probably just need to see him or her once every week for a while.

Eating less than 1000 calories is downright dangerous!
I would see a therapist specializing in eating disorders.

Its all about balance. Its OK to treat yourself sometimes. If you eat that every day I would be worried. If you eat that stuff once a month it’s OK.
And I agree with @crimby, eating below a 1000 calories a day spells trouble.