Does the word "discouraged" describe better than the word "depressed"?

It does for me because the word discouraged has more meaning and is more personal but is more difficult to utter than the word depressed.

I think discouragement is temporary whereas depression is a state of mind that an go on for months.

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Dis-courage. Antithesis of courage. Anti courage. Cowardizing catalyst.

Depression. Feels like the happiness chemicals in the brain are malfunctioning because they are.

Discouragement lasts if one is discouraged about a situation that isn’t going to change.

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Yes-discouragement can turn into depression. Try changing your attitude toward the situation. Look on the bright side.

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Then I’m just a cockeyed optimist and I don’t like dealing with them. They don’t have their feet on the ground.

I’ve used the word discourage lately when it’s so hard to walk to certain places because my feet hurt. It comes out dis-couraged. It’s hard to keep doing something when it’s painful + you can’t do it well. It sort of takes the center out of me.

I think the word ‘disouraged’ does take the first-personal experience into account more than the word ‘depression’ - which seems to me to be more apt to a third person observer point of view. In depression, you indeed experience a world without salience, that discourages any action, whereas normal salience encourages you to act. ‘Depression’ means more a lack of activity, as it is also used in economics and meteorology. This perfectly describes the state of a depressed person as well. Just from another perspective.

depressed works. i need to raise my lithium.