Does the sexual abuse can cause schizophrenia?

cause I was abused. I still have the fear to be an abuser also… I avoid children etc… my paranoia has to deal with this still…but for my mother, ive just inherited my father who wasn’t diagnosed even though he got depressed at the end of his life and messed with alcohol…
honestly, I had so many problems in sex that I don’t know anymore who I am sexually- bi,gay,hetero…
what the studies are showing on this aspect of the illness?
there wasn’t a real sexual act between me and the boyfriend of my friend but he masturbated in front of me and almost took out my clothes… he told me not to tell anybody… I have the impression that I carried this secret for all these years… I should talk less about it cause I want to live now but in fact probably its affects us more than we think :cry:
keep going :slight_smile:

I think you should talk with a therapist about it. I was also sexually abused, when I was a kid, with no act, I was showed some pornographic magazines and motion pictures on several occasions and also I was told to get undressed (which I was compliant with cause I was scared). I was also sexually wrecked later in life, had mixed sexual identity (wore masculine clothes, had no sexual relationship until I was in my mid twenties, and even these used to be based on violence and I had to get really drunk before the act, thought I might have been gay…) but overcame it by talking about my childhood experience with a professional after I became ill. It worked heavens I think towards my recovery. I feel fine now, have healthy of several years relationship with the opposite sex and I feel safe to be in an intimate situation. I am proud to be a woman and have no issues with my sexual identity anymore. I read a book about abuse and it said that it may be connected with mental health problems in a victim later on in life (exposure to sexual act without one’s consent is also classified as a sexual abuse according to that book). Only just recently I also approach my childhood abuser and said to him what damage it did to me to receive some kind of validation of my experience… I truly advice to talk about it with a professional… take care and good luck.

Sexual abuse doesn’t cause schizophrenia, but it does cause many other mental health problems that still deserve to be acknowledged and treated.

I coudn’t read these posts in their entirety as they were triggering. But I knew a woman years ago who cleaned my parents house and we got to smoking cigs out on the porch eventually and then talking online. Turned out she was committed to the state psych hospital because she accused a family member of sexual abuse. Hell…a diagnosis of mental illness is a perfect cover up for abuse…didn’t happen -delusions-.

Just saying. And yeah it can trigger all sorts of crap especially when you live you’re life not knowing you were horribly abused (not accusing any family members here for the record)