Does the sedation goes away with time?

I barely start to feel a sedation after taking my pills. I didn’t had this since I started them. for 5 months my ap was like candy for me… but in the day now, I feel normal, good, quite good. in the evenings,after taking my peels I am sedated but I dont want this really. does the sedation goes away with time? or it will pass after the night when I sleep(it will be good wow!). can this sedation eventually decrease with time cause its just the beginning of the time when I feel my meds or the risk is that it will increase?
how this all was for you?

anyone? gosh, the meds are sometimes a drug…

What med do you have in the evening? I have Quetiapine. It still sedates me since 2 years.

In my case sedation goes away with time…!!!

oh ok. I have Zyprexa @Comatose. @far_cry0 so now you have just the benefits from your med, no sedation yes? that’s cool :slight_smile:

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i am on low dose of Zyprexa just 5mg…!!!

me too I am on low dose-7,5 mg.

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I’m on 20mg olanzapine/‘zyprexa’ and the sedation went away completely after a few months

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Not for me. I had to cut my pill in half. Instead of taking 80mg of latuda I now take 40mg. Even with that I get tired, sluggy, and bouts of depression (though I don’t think it’s because of the meds though).

Getting enough sleep helps. So does staying active. The sedation does get better with time but if you’ve been on it for 5 months I don’t think it will change much now. I drink two cups of coffee when I wake up, it combats the sedation quite well. I take 200 mg Seroquel and 5 mg Zyprexa in the morning and before bed.

no @anon9798425, for 5 months I didn’t felt anything on my meds. they were like candies for me. its yesterday that I felt a sedation after taking my pills. i was in such a bad state that for 5 months i didn’t felt nothing on Zyprexa. i guess, now its starting to work. but i should get over the sedation too one day cause its not nice either though…

The sedation should be there from the start. Maybe something is different for you now. Like maybe you were hypomanic previously or maybe you didn’t get enough sleep today or something. I don’t know. But the sedation should not take 5 months to kick in, so I assume you just didn’t notice it earlier for some reason.

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I was on Zyprexa back in my twenties and my experience is that—so long as I took it every day for months—the sedation effects slowly got less worse, until I could go back to community college. I went from not being able to stay awake during the day or night, to being able to wake up around 10 am for class. I then enrolled in a zoology class and I had to be there at 8 am, which was hard since I was taking zyprexa at night.

The only thing was, once I got into classes, I didn’t like that I couldn’t wake up on time for 8 am classes, so I quit taking zyprexa entirely. Big mistake! I spiraled into an active psychosis. I still remember desperately trying to stop my downward spiral by taking a zyprexa in the middle of my zoology class. It was a four hour long class and I was hearing voices and being super paranoid inside, so I secretly took the pill in the hopes that I could sit through the class. I wound up half passed out at the table. The teacher kept coming by to nudge me awake. It was awful, I felt like I was swimming through brain fog.

After that, I gave myself about three months being on zyprexa every day, before I grew a little tolerant to the zombie effects. It is really, really good for positive symptoms (voices, hallucinations), but it takes a while to get tolerant to the zombification stuff. It’s worth it, though. I just altered my schedule, like I wouldn’t take any morning classes on zyprexa after that bad experience with zoology. I just took afternoon and night classes, that way I could sleep in,

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no, you are wrong. sometimes if you are in quite bad state, like too delusional or something, the sedation can kick after months, its one pdoc that told it to me… i was really crazy before 5 months, that’s all.

You probably had a higher energy level when you were psychotic.

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I was like that. When I was ill and desperate I didn’t notice the sedation. Now things are quieter I get knocked out.

yes, i was quite agitated with really some kind of fast and torn thinking. but i couldn’t get up from the bed though cause this thinking was tormenting me…