Does the recovery will take time?

i am quite bad still… i am nervous, i cant talk long on the phone and in real life,its bothering… i dont get the information also. does this will take time? probably yes,nope? :slight_smile: i dont no what i am going to do if the haldol doesnt work like all other meds…:confused:


Now here’s a donut :doughnut:

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thanks for the donut flame :wink: hah :slight_smile:

Every day is recovery day. My best advice is to take with sense of humor

ok,yes i see minnii :slight_smile: humor is hard for me right now but i take the advice :wink:

its like my all bad emotions are elevated now… i am nervous i think. its normal on 20th day of haldol?

i was in rage,it calmed down a little bit…not nice experience… probably its me who put me in all this ■■■■… . i also smoked a lot of weed in the past, some say its a trigger :confused: is it normal to feel rage on the 20th day of haldol? meds…

After I got sick in 1980 at age 19, I showed no improvement or progress in my illness for two solid years. I suffered pretty badly. For two years I had no friends, no car, no money, no girlfriend, no sanity, no job and I couldn’t attend school. I was heavily medicated and I still went through hell.

I had no signs that I would ever get better. Well after being out of the hospital for a year I got a part-time job. Pretty soon I had a friend, two years later I got a car. With my car I enrolled in college and I dated a little. Now I’ve lived on my own since 1995, I have had a car since 1995 and I’ve been working pretty steadily since 1983.

But when I was really sick I couldn’t have dreamed I would ever have anything. I’m not saying that everybody can do what I’ve done but who knows? My case was hopeless and I felt suicidal a lot and I felt like giving up a lot just like a lot of you guys. But giving up wouldn’t have helped me.

But what did help me was family support, medication, therapists, and going along with things that people suggested to me about recovery. My last words are that when you’re in the middle of suffering of course everything looks hopeless. But things could get better in a couple of years for you. Schizophrenia is not easy but it’s not impossible to get better and get a little something for yourself.


Recovery takes time. I’m still sick after 4 years, but I don’t suffer as much.

Yes recovery takes time. It twists and turns. It’s not a steady path to the top. Don’t give up if you crash land again, you will slowly get you back on your feet.

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thank you for your support, thanks atsefano. my mom says not to wait but to activate and if ill get better this will be a bonus wow… but its tough to activate when you feel paranoid and depressed. we’ ll see, i take my meds strictly :).

Keep taking your meds and it is a slow process. If you go off your meds then you will suffer a setback, probably loose everything and have to start over. Make it a point to take your medicine everyday and you will get better.

thank you breeze, its encouragating :). i dont see the beauty of things anymore but probably its normal in my case. for example the mode, i am so lost with it…

Yes. In my case, I do believe that some form of brain injury has occurred and it takes time to heal it - like a torn muscle or broken bone, a ruptured brain takes time to heal.

I believe I have some kind of tearing or straining in certain nerves in the brain. Some days are easier than others. Like, for instance, I felt amazing on the 30th - so much so that I could do about a five mile walk. Then I felt kinda distraught today. A lot of my mood depends on the weather; cloudier days are tiresome, clear skied days are euphoric.