Does the past carry baggage

Seems as if no matter how well I’m doing I’m haunted by the baggage of the past.


Yep it’s very hard to just forget about your demons from the past.

PTSD is a bad bad thing


I don’t remember anything from the past. So few things. I am in the present


■■■■ the past man, blow it up👳.


I spend a lot of time thinking about my past. I try not to let it effect my present though.

Hope you will get support.

I don’t think my father loves me and he does not wish me well.

My step mum I had seems to loves me more than him.

He loves my sister.she has long legs and blond hair n is everything he ever wanted n complained I’m not when I was child.

He told his x he only wanted one of his children and that’s my sister.

It’s upsetting.

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I love my father.
But is it mutual and did I have delusions n was he bad to me…
He says some hurtful things sometimes that’s not really ok.

When I had friends I had affection to them like right now I have this affection bubbling my heart.

My bf dog is so sweet I want her to be my dog.
She is by my side a lot like a disability support dog might be.

I was told I can’t get s disability support dog because there is a long waiting list and it’s very expensive but right now I have my bf dogs .
One of them barely says g’day to me,the other one has been beautiful with me but she’s old now n the new baby :baby: is just adorable at two years old .
I paid for her but he paid me that money so she is his dog.
I want my own dog too.
If I move I will hopefully get my own dog .

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but I love the Old stuff like products, t.v. shows, commercials,
music, etc.

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