Does The News Trigger You?

I should stop watching the news, I want to hear it but it sets my mind off in the wrong direction in the morning.

Often get thought they are fake stories of things they want me to do or false stories about me. Sometimes I think they are watching me when they laugh


News triggers everyone, and everyone is triggered nowadays…


I’m on NPR most mornings,

but I don’t do t.v.

I remember making faces at them as a kid.

Even though later, I really loved Connie Chun,
and wanted to a journalist myself.

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There are certain subjects that trigger me.
That’s why I don’t like watching TV news.
With written news I can look at a headline and say,

Don’t read that story!


I’m getting tired of the news.

It’s watching a constant loop - repeating itself over and over again.

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Even though Alex Jones

says it’s all feminist nonsense,


I don’t watch the news. I do have some Rss feeds, so I can still keep up with what’s happening. But I just need to scan the headlines in my Rss app instead of watching graphic videos of war zones etc.


They make it sound like your going to die if you go outside, especially at Christmas with all the stealing and stuff


Yes I think it’s called history.

Humans make the same mistakes over and over again. Starting wars and just screwing everything up. Then just when older people figure out how to do the Right thing, then they try to tell younger people.

But NO. When you are young you have to do it YOUR way. And that is good. Then the old people die off and everyone forgets what they said and ignores them.

Then the cycle repeats over every generation. :wink:

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I don’t watch tv. I only use tv for video games.

when I need to know the weather, I google “weather.”

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Of all the things that hackers could do, they should cause an interference with all T.V. signals and put an end to all that nonsense they show.

My family doesn’t see the news as something frightening but something fun. The tones in their voices makes it obvious they have no genuine concern.

Sometimes hearing about stuff makes me feel sick, like dark spikes piercing you all over. Or I cry if its something seriously depressing. I only hear about it because of everyone else talking about it.

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No what I’m saying is that they broadcast the same stuff over and over again.

Wasn’t talking about History.

But I know what you’re talking about.


O right it repeats again and again on the half hour.
Same sound bites and clips over multiple channels.


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