Does the fact that you're getting paid make you tense?

Because it paralyzed me.

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No, I’m fine with it. I find grinding poverty to be hella more stressful.


Money makes me anxious.

I wish I were working, rather than on disability. But I don’t feel bad about being on it, they (insurance) owe it to me


No, lack of money to pay bills and food would stress me.


No, not in the least. Not being paid would put me out on the street and that would be a hell of a lot more stressful.


No, I’d be tense if I didn’t make any money.

I get stressed out billing clients. When I was freelancing. I feel like they think I’m cheating on them when I really was under billing.

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I actually understand where your’re coming from. I believe I’ve had similar fears in the past. I remember being paranoid about getting disability many years ago because I thought I was responsible for wasting government resources. I had read something about how much schizophrenia costs the gov and I felt really bad about it.

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