Does tattoo removal even work!?


That dragon you posted the other day looked sweet too.

Physics symbolism was one of the things I was looking into back in the day. Like make a “chart” of sorts out all the physics equations.

I don’t like the angel wings one. infinite love is cool

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I don’t think I’m gonna get the dragon tattoo, it’s just my chinese sign. I would be go a little nuts during my psychosis and think I’m an evil dragon of some sort. I did want a cross tattoo at one point in my life, I did this design.

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@sarad HONEY

Oh that’s sweet. You could do a lot of things with that small or large.

I’d also say the ornateness of it kind of breaks the overtly religiosity of it. Pretty cool.

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I’m guessing it’s Sam Prescott Rodriguez

Perez and no Prescott! I don’t have a middle name. For real.

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Oh cool. Just shooting in the dark.

Your probably Bryan Henderson.

B to the T to the A

Thomas Anderson. That’s my last guess

Mr. Anderson… I wish


You got the thomas part right.

Cool brahhhhhhh

Hey! That much amount of seducing is just against the law. :imp:

Send us a pic of what fancy Euro outfit your wearing today.

See, that’s exactly why im gonna stay a new user forever. :slight_smile:

How do I make things bold or italics?

One start on each side of the word for italic. * *Sara loves peaches *
And two stars on each side for bold.
**Sara loves peaches **


I heart Sara D

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there area couple ways. the html tags work in brackets hold on