Does tattoo removal even work!?

Does anyone, or know anyone, that has actually had them fully removed?

I remember that you could rework a tattoo.

I’m having mine removed paid for a total of 8 sessions it’s faded quite a bit on 2nd session

I may have one of my tattoos touched up - its kind of fading a bit.

I dont know a lot about tattoo removal - sorry

they work but its supposed to be painful

I have had 7 sessions on my face and they are lighter but still there… What does it take 20?

It really depends on skin type and how deep the colour is and if it’s colour of black ink. Black ink tends to fade better

Here’s pre laser surgery tattoos. I also had spotted hair at the time and was homeless.


I love your face! why were you homeless? I think I’m gonna get some tattoos also.

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Because I thought my mom was satan, and I was Jesus, and everyone knew, and they were against me. Everyone could see through my eyes, everyone was jealous that I was the second JC. I could hear everyone’s thoughts, or so I thought. The voices really got to me.

Google “tattoo cover up make up”

I’m so sorry. I don’t hear voices but I did experience alienation and psychosis. I’m glad you’re doing better though.

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He does look like a badass.

The focus kind of makes it more dramatic.

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There is also a permanent make up option. Worked for me. Honey. :kissing:

I am trying to look more conservative now, since I don’t like people looking at me.

I use to look more arty. Now I just look like a bum, with bad tattoos.



I could never settle on a design I liked. When I wanted them most I was highly psychotic, not a sign of good judgement. I personally shall refrain.

That’s when I did 90% of mine.

the tattoos I would get.

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I’d rather just make shirts or what not.

I don’t do the best with human figures regarding art.

but I always wanted a shirt of a 50 era dude holding up a can of “beer” but had the chemical form of ethanol on it as a label. Above the image would be the slogan “Get a little more organic”

That hasn’t come to fruition yet. I haven’t had photoshop in years.

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