Does sz medicine make you slow or just sz?

I take latuda 40mg every night and I have just started my new job. I have 2 complaints from my boss that I’m working too slow. I’m like what the ■■■■ us the problem? I work like a government mule and yet you give me all these ■■■■■■■ hours to work. Obviously I’m doing a good job. I know my dad said medicine makes me slow because he takes symbrax and it’s know to make him slow. Or it could be my cognitive problems maybe. I don’t know. What do you guys think it is? Sz or meds?

For me I think it’s 80% the illness and 20% the a/p.


its Latuda, I’m on the exact same dose as you. But theres really nothing out there that won’t have the same effect so…

I think it’s mostly the illness. I take 80mg Latuda and 12mg Trilafon as my antipsychotics but I’ve been ‘slow’ well before I started the medication. And understanding new information is a problem, too. I just feel like my brain is slowed down thanks to my illness.


I agree with what you’re saying. I finally got some sleep last night so things are going well this morning. Yesterday morning it felt like someone drained my head of it’s blood and I hadn’t hardly slept at all.

Yeah I go slow at work it’s not your illness probably just lack of motivation but also its not In my interest to punch my ■■■■ out because I’m ill

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I was watching myself talk in a window the other day and I noticed that my movements were slow and I looked really relaxed but stiff. Its the meds I move at half speed now

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I believe that SZ is sometimes slow-motion while Bi-Polar is on the opposite end of the Schizoaffective spectrum, sometimes representing “racing thoughts” or extremely fast turbo warped speed. :slight_smile:

I’m usually slow but there are instances when I can go very fast, maybe with activities that don’t require a lot of thought OR require no thought.

The meds I take don’t affect this different-speeds dynamic, in my case. Meds are just there to help me concentrate a little better.

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Meds. They also can make you stiff and moving jerky. When I was in hostpital and day hospital lot of people got like that.

I don’t think it slowed me down, it sped everything up. I was insanely restless and jittery like I’d had 10 energy drinks. Couldn’t focus on anything for more than a few minutes.

Sz makes me work too fast. The antipsychotics make me normal speed. They relax and slow me down.

Me too. But this medicatin speed is just slow. I’m wishing for a happy middle