Does sz mean we're on an uphill climb and life has no value?

and not knowing what’s at the top.

schizophrenia means you are supergenius. thats what schizophrenia means.

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Depends on the eyes that see the label.
Value is as varied as the individual themselves.

Possibly… But I think sz also causes us to grow much faster spiritually and mentally, not to mention we care too much by default… From my experience sz started when I started to care. Then everything went to chaos. Maybe tho sz just shed the wrong light on things. I know that on anti psychotics, I cared less, or in a different way. It’s interesting to think about.
Edit: I mis-read. Life always has value. Always. However we’re on a climb, and some are farther in things like spiritual development. In one sense there will never be a top to anything. That doesn’t mean there is no purpose. My current lesson is letting go. I find peace in that.

Sounds like some normal peoples lives. Some people never look up, Lillian said in pottery class.