Does sz mean a powerless or superpowered mind?

I can be a mouse or I can be demonic. I wish I were neither. I wish I were normal.

With me, it means a superpowered mind. Right now anyway. Years ago, it meant a powerless mind.

I would say over active mind


Yes, I would say overactive mind too.

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More like an engine where you have to add a bit of oil every so often. Still goes like a hot damn if you’re aware of the problem and work around it.

My brain is mush so I’d say I’m powerless

I would lean to powerless

It ebbs & flows daily (and often even during the course of a single day D:) between total vegetable, to possessed & demonic, to helpless child, to competent & intelligent woman of science. So idk your question a great mystery to me!

The check engine light is always on, but your still driving it.

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I’d say my brain is like one of those sports cars that catch on fire all the time.

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I am a slave looking for freedom a tormented mind seeking peace.

For me, that means a mind that dries itself out. The mind is so active that I am always burned out after every delusional thought. And at the same time, I can not use my mind properly anymore. So the mind is also powerless. And also overactive. It is a game between the two states.

Meds work well for me. I’m dull compared to old self. I miss the manic energy and purpose from obsessive thoughts.

Most of my adult life was dealing with obsessive thoughts. Bad ocd. Bad obsessions. Medications were a wake up call for me.

I’m dumber and emotionally I’m pretty bland but I don’t mind that!

I can live like what I think the average person does. I’ll take that every chance I get!

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