Does sz change your dna?

I heard you can change your dna. Since I believe all of our lifestyles, environments, along with our genetics trigger our sz…well what I’m asking is…if you get the illness and you truly had a low risk of the illness based on your genetics…could getting the illness change your dna and make your child more prone to sz then if your environment had NOT triggered the sz?

Like say I had a 5% risk when I was born. But I made lots of poor choices, bad predicaments, trauma and I got the illness. Does me getting the illness raise my child’s chance of getting sz??? Or are their chances based on my original chance of getting the illness. Does sz change your dna? Sorry if that was wordy lol.

Go look into Epigenetics

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I don’t think so. Ive given this one a little thought and my conclusion is, that if you weren’t really meant to get sz (like you pushed yourself to the limit with drugs or trauma or whatever) than you might still pass the predisposition to getting sz on to your kids, but as long as you warn them of the dangers of drugs and risky living they should come out ok.

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A quick search on the Internet, the results reveal that diet, exercise, or even being poor can change our genes.

Living in poverty can cause changes to people’s DNA that make them more likely to become depressed, anxious and possibly take drugs, according to a ground-breaking new study.

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Had understood it like this. Recent research is events do change our DNA. The theory has always been that one pivotal moment triggered the chemical imbalance. Has and is still a question of why some people end up with OCD or SZ or bipolar. Although we now know about the 5 gene link.

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Yea but you’re not gonna pass “poverty” down to your kids. Which I think is what the original question was.

No, but szadmin linked a study that showed kids who were exposed to traumatic situations before age 2 were more likely to have kids with a mental illness, because the trauma actually changed their DNA. After around age 2 though, the effect wore off. So maybe after that our DNA is less changeable.

This was the study

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You guys are right but that doesn’t answer chews question. He wants to know if the change in genes is passable on to his kids, if he doesn’t think he would have gotten sz anyway. I’m not a geneticist but I believe the answer is, you pass the susceptibility to develope sz on to your children if you have it yourself, but it’s not a garantees they will get it. I read that I this site. If I knew how to quote I would quote it for you.

@mortimermouse once told me the risk of passing it on is 13% unless you have other relatives with the disease. Then it goes up.

Did he delete his page? I can’t tag him.

You’re right ninja star I think it’s a confusing question that he asked but I’m sure your facts are correct .

There is a need to separate the hype from the hard evidence when it comes to epigenetics.

Where is Mortimer i was wondering how he is getting on in School…

Watch a segment from CBS Sunday morning from about a week ago. How doctors in Italy discovered the cure of a rare genetic disease and uses the AIDS virus , your own immune system to repair the DNA. Fascinating.

I wanted to comment on sz. admin. post on testing your newborn for deficiencies.

Actually, only 6% of parents do this today.

I’ve more pushed for CF findings at birth, but I don’t know the costs, or what is covered.

When things are posted on this site by sz. admin., it’s rare, or inconclusive and many times not worth it.

There’s nothing with our cases that says genetics determines all of it.