Does Social Isolation Change you as a person

I wonder what effect this has on people. If you’re isolated for years from social relationships outside of family if you have that support, does it change who you are.

I guess I am trying to understand if once you have accepted this and moved on, does this work against any attempt to try and make new connections if you found yourself in a better place to do so? Or if anyone would want to if you have no friends.

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It made me odd enough that I knew I was different, which made others have that “look” like they were just trying avoid me.
Which in turn made me hate being around anyone…so yeah, I had enough of people.

A few “good” interactions made the want to interact more, which made me come out of my hidy hole of isolation.

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this is an easy question… it does.

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Might be an easy question but it is a serious issue…

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didn’t mean to come across as insensitive. acute social isolation causes a person to be more prone to disease thus a shorter lifespan. not to mention the psychological effects.

Was kinda hoping there would be some people online who may have found a way to reconnect with others despite being isolated

Sorry didn’t mean my comment in a bad way. I am typing on my phone which was why I post d a one liner

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It changes who you are… I’d only spent a year or so really isolated after dropping out of school but now I’m trying to unlearn being so afraid of everything and everyone. Good interactions make you want to get back into the world but then bad experiences make you want to hole up again forever. Now I’m going to the social groups hosted at the mental health building I go to, it helps. I guess the fact that everyone has some issues there makes it easier, we all “get it.”

I think if you were socially adept/a social butterfly and then you get ill and socially withdraw then it very obviously can change you. If you had social difficulties pre illness then prolonged social isolation doesn’t so much change you but makes it increasingly harder to interact with others. Really in that situation you need early intervention with social skills. However unless you are picked up as being on the autistic spectrum you are unlikely to get that social skills support.

A psychologist told me that if a person with schizophrenia lives very isolated, then this person will have more cognitive deficits. That’s one of the reasons why I go to a therapy group with other people with schizophrenia. I know how difficult is to socialize for people like us, but it’s important not to be so alone.


But is it that cognitive deficits are more likely to result in one being socially isolated or that being socially isolated triggers cognitive deficits?

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Yes, it does.


Yes. Being socially isolated triggers cognitive deficits. This is what that psychologist told me.

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I have been alone 99% of the time for 30+ years, it does change you, after that long alone you just don’t want to be around people

My isolation resulted into a mania where I had an overactive brain. It’s not that simple.

In prison the worst punishment is to be put in isolation.

Many prisoners hallucinate due to lack of stimulation.

Since living here I am less socially isolated. I see my stepdaughter and granddaughters fairly regularly. Back in Essex I would hardly see anyone.

Yea for some people like one of my older brothers use to go to these gatherings in the bay area called sideshows but once he moved and got more into weed and more introverted his social anxiety sky rocketed. Till this day he still shakes in public if he doesnt go outside for longer than 3 days… or at least thats what he told me or maybe his heart starts racing. Well one of the two if not both

When I don’t leave my house for about 5 days or longer my mental health declines: I need to interact with other people.

I consider this website as a form of socialization. However, it’s an addition to my socialization, not something in lieu of face-to-face interactions with people.

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I keep trying to find out and Mrs. Pixel keeps wrecking it for me.


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I know. But I only wanted to share what I know about isolation and I only wanted to share that I go to a therapy group for not being so alone. I know it’s no easy to socialize when you have schizophrenia. I have been rejected many times. I don’t have any friends because the friends I used to have finished our frienship when I told them I have schizophrenia. I don’t trust people, but I try to socialize. There’s no problem if you don’t want to socialize. You don’t have to if you don’t want.

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