Does schizophrenic look abnormal?

Do you look abnormal
Do you talk to yourself loudly ?
In wt way do you look abnormal ?

I don’t speak much I am very socially awkward


I have a scarred head that is really hard to look at. I do hate the mirror. Occasionally a photo won’t pick it up but often it looks bad.

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No i don’t think i look abnormal. I think i look fairly normal. I do talk to myself though, but it helps me sort through my thoughts and remain focused.

I have long hair and a long beard. I think I am a bit weird. I don’t necessarily look that weird, but the way I act, or my mental issues, can make me seem a bit weird.

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the insomnia that is commonly associated with schizophrenia can usually cause bags under some peoples eyes. Not that thats abnormal now a days, many people dont get good sleep and are overly stressed.

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I talk to my cats all the time :slight_smile:
Yes, I do have the tendency to think outloud when I am out in public. I have always done this.

You wouldn’t know it unless I told you. I can be a little different but I can hide that behind humor and personality.

Ha, in general, out in public, if you walk by a schizophrenic who looks normal, you would not know they have schizophrenia. So your question is not applicable in many situations. I went for decades where I went where I wanted for the most part in public and I was in all kinds of situations where I didn’t get a second glance from anybody. Hell, if I can spend nights in crack houses without anybody treating me differently or go to college for 5 years without anyone giving me a second look or taking packed buses almost every day, sometimes several times a day for 5 years than I must look pretty darn normal. It’s all changing though.

Well it depends on what day I’m having. If I’m off or forgot my meds then yes I look very different. I tend to laugh a lot and mumble or get super paranoid. On a good day I still look abnormal but nothing you would really notice. I don’t make eye contact often and am a bit socially awkward. Every day I am paranoid though.

I think that my face looks misshapen. Like it is asymmetrical. It looks that way on selfies anyway. I don’t like the way I look anymore. I used to be a pretty girl when I was a young woman.

I don’t think other people could tell. During my time on a particular med that caused me trouble, I was in a state where I’d rock back and forth and move my hands a lot. Started rocking in a mcdonalds and was embarrassed. Those problems faded with that medicine. I have no problems in public anymore.

I count under my breath when I am anxious so when it’s loud or crowded or there are people walking behind me often I am counting. Sometimes counting my footsteps sometimes numbers in my head. Occasionally I will say a number too loudly.

I have a frown glued to my face most of the time and I say “I hate you” out loud to myself quite often when nobody else is around.

I am 37 up until a couple years ago I just looked like your average run of the mill 30 something year old, now it is a little more pronounced… I am careful what I look at, careful who I talk to in public, as to not trigger any unusual thoughts or feelings I fight myself not to shake my head to disagree with thoughts & occasionally rock back and forth when im nervous

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