Does schizophrenia reduces intelligence?

Yea during psychosis I basically have no memory and can’t focus at all.

Wow, I thought Asus laptops were the best!

What I meant to say was that early in the illness, the cognitive decline isn’t so serious, but yeah, during psychosis I revert to being unable to think, at all. I read about acute psychosis and this was my mistake, I meant to say that early in the illness, after the acute phase the cognitive decline isn’t so serious. ASUS laptops are good, one of the reasons it failed was because I’d changed the keyboard settings to make the keys more responsive and this somehow broke the keyboard due to how fast I type. I’m not typing on an Acer laptop that I gave my Dad and had bought about 10 years ago.

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I don’t think it’s about intelligence. John Nash was pretty bright, right?

The disease process can be compelling.

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no doubt
voices in brain occupy some of brain affect intelligence of course

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My working capacity to debate has been limited. I’ve become more fragile, more prone to emotional instability and I get frustrated easily when word salad happens, and really its happening more then before my first psychotic break.

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Tried messaging you

same is happening to me…

John Nash is not intelligent when he is in psychosis. His intelligence returned after he become stable or regained insight of illness so he able to control it. In psychosis or during periods of lack of insight intelligence is very low even to differentiate what is real or not and the worse part is acting on unreal things. Having insight of illness is very crucial for managing the symptoms whether its positive or negative symptoms.

you have to be realistic. Id like to be a cyber sec engineer. but realistically its very cognitively demanding.
So you gotta work with what you can.
Personally I don’t do well under high pressure positions. So I try to do things outside of that realm.

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I was topper of my class at 10 the grade. But at 16 I got schizophrenia and I started ending last. I couldn’t remember things…I think cognition had been disturbed…I think yes schizophrenia reduce intelligence…

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What do you think a bunch of people yelling at a person, constantly putting her down, commenting on her thoughts, and using sleep deprivation as a weapon does to her ability to think? (I am a man. I’m using today’s grammar). You better believe you’ll turn dumb or dumb looking.

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Thanks, what it says is very true, my cognitive symptoms were the first to appear, mainly language deficits at age 10.

“Cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia have been found in all cognitive domains, including executive function, memory, and attention, and often develop prior to the other symptoms of schizophrenia. They are highly disabling and predict poor functional outcomes.”

My pdoc says schizophrenia causes brain damage over time

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They say Haloperidol is the best for improving cognitive symptoms:

“High quality evidence shows a small benefit of first-generation antipsychotics over placebo for general cognitive functioning.”

“For specific antipsychotics, moderate to high quality evidence shows haloperidol is associated with small improvements in global cognition (low haloperidol dose only), verbal learning (low and high dose), delayed recall (low and high dose), and attention (low dose only) when compared to second generation antipsychotics,”

For me it’s fluid/practical intelligence that’s always been problematic. That is not picked up on in short interactions where verbal skills are to the fore.

It takes someone interacting with me, or observing me, in situations where practical skills are required to show there are problems. My stepdaughter has been very good when it comes to that.

There’s a tendency to automatically believe ability is very even when it comes to crystallised and fluid intelligence . That is indeed true for the vast majority of people. However for a minority of us it’s not true.

Non recognition of the issue results in terms like bolshy/contrary/lazy/passive aggressive etc being used against such an individual . It also results in a failure to meet the needs of such an individual, and give good help and support.


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