Does schizophrenia mean you are literally insane

This is hard. very hard but possible only when you realize you are enough the way you are, and that you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Be comfortable in your imperfections, don’t derive satisfaction and worth from other people. It’s difficult but it’s possible.

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the only problem with meds is too many sideffects.its a trade off i guess

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Yes meds aren’t perfect. Some benefit a lot from it, some moderately, some little and some not at all. I just benefit a little from it.

me too,they have to many sideffects.sometimes they improve me. They work like antidepressant somtimes and other times they make sleep.

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Not for me, I am always the same but I have schizophrenia, not schizoaffective. What’s your diagnosis?

whats the difference.if i may ask

Schizoaffective has depression and mania on top of psychosis.

well thanx for scaring me more aziz :unamused:

Lol but schizoaffective has hypomania which is a phase where there is no negative symptoms. I wish I had hypomania lol

yeah you are gona have to change amuilspride cause thats not antisycotic at low dosage it increase dopamine.i dont dr always wants me to take amuilspride 200mg.


I used to get hypomanic but on meds my high moods only last an hour or two and even whilst high I have avolition at same time. I’m not productive at all - all I do when I’m high is pace, talk to voices and dance and sing and laugh. But I don’t stay high long enough to work or do something else productive.

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