Does schizophrenia make you feel alone and isolated

I always have to get out of the isolation.isolation is not good for anyone especially schizophrenics.pets are always nice to have.

When the voices stop talking I do because I don’t handle real people well and therefore don’t have anyone outside of family to talk to most of the time.

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well your family is enough.thats it.its hard for you i know.

It did more when I was younger. My experiences of life were so different from everyone else’s i felt I could not connect to my peers. But as I got older and opened up about my illness to those closest to me I became much less lonely.


im happy for you,it makes me happy and joyous to hear a story like that.keep it up,you are a hero.

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people dont reply to me at all here.ah well i try to help.

Before I got diagnosed and before I understood what was happening to me I felt very alone and isolated. I felt that I couldn’t even reach out to hands that were reaching out to help me. But now with my meds and my understanding of my symptoms and the support I get I don’t feel as isolated anymore.

Without meds I was more lonely, I escaped my parents. Now at least I have my parents.