Does Schizophrenia have levels?

I once saw on my sheet that I’m paranoid schizophrenic 1.

Is this the same as bipolar 1 or bipolar 2. ?

@notmoses knows a lot about this sort of stuff.

I have never heard of PSZ 1. Maybe it is a bit like Bipolar 1&2

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I dont understand that. That’s not an ICD-9 or ICD-10 code. For example, my ICD-9 code (I have a document, copies of it, for in case I get caught with my meds and no pill bottle, because carrying four pill bottles in just no, I keep them in a small pillbox) proves that I have chronic paranoid schizophrenia; it reads Active problems: PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC 295.32

what the ■■■■ does that mean okay it means chronic paranoid schizophrenia (hence the .32) and medication induced tremors (hence the NEC after the word TREMORS)

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Maybe schizoaffective because your suggesting bipolar?

I don’t know, there was a category for that, and that isn’t what they checked off.

It was the longest list of diagnoses’ I’ve ever seen.

This was at university hospitals.

I don’t think they’d be levels so much as variants of the illness.

Granted that’s WebMD but for information like this I think it can be trusted.

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I was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic in 2005. It’s in the DSM IV, but they don’t have categories like this any more in the DSM V. It’s simply straight schizophrenia for everyone, with no qualifications or categories. It used to mean you were given to building up elaborate fantasies of persecution-You know: the government is bugging your computer or the CIA is hunting you in public. I don’t know about the number 1.

Thanks, yes, it seems more common to be diagnosed within one category.

This is just the first thing I found on this. Is says type 1 is positive symptoms. Type 2 is negative symptoms.

Sz and Bipolar types 1 and 2 are attempts to provide brief labels to immensely complex combinations of behavioral demonstrations for the purposes of 1) treating the causes of the behaviors, 2) communicating what is going on in “shorthand” to others involved in the treatment and case management processes, and 3) getting the funding from insurers for that treatment and case management.

All that said, they are understood by more sophisticated professionals to be inexact and only representative of what is seen at a “photographic moment” at best… and potentially mis-representative if other variables emerge that were not seen when the diagnostic “photograph” was taken.


That would make sense since I saw a different pdoc every time I went in there, and they would need to pass on the criteria to others.


I like to think I’m on the final boss stage.


I don’t know what you mean by this, @soitgoes,

maybe it means I’m in charge.

I’ve always taken that attitude, too.

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Like levels in a video game. Level 1… Level 2… Final Boss. Then the games over and you win!

I really can see it all as neurological noise at this point, still sucks. Constantly trying to keep focused and not dig up psychotic ■■■■■■■■ that lays in every direction.

you gotta read “Ready Player 1”

it’s such a great trip!

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Now I just want to play some Mortal Kombat.

Reading the synopsis on this and it does sound like my type of book.

If you read anything this year, read that one, and get back to me.

I had my daughter read it too. You’ll love it!

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If I do read anything that will be it!

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Schizophrenia doesn’t have levels, but if it did, mine would be over 9000.