Does schizophrenia evolve with generations?

I had a thought can SZ evolve in how it effects someone as the generations change?

I don’t know. But certain things like delusions evolve over time. The themes can be determined by culture and the history in which one is present in.


What do you mean by evolve? Do you mean adapt or mutate or evolve? Three different things.

Also genetic recombination

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Yea sorry that was vague. I mean evolve in an environmental sense not genetically, but more culturally. Like someone who had schizophrenia before computers and someone who grew up with technology. That kind of evolve. I think its true, but want hear others thoughts on how it changes with the environment.

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Yeah that is totally true in some but not all cases.

Content and nature of hallucinations and delusions differ across time and cultures quite dramatically.

Take Joan of arc and then compare her to a homeless person.