Does sadistic happeen when ones public limit has been reached?

Just thought there might be a connection between the number of people in ones life and a sadistic response to someone. Although I do know some of us have fantasies that there are crowds behind us.

You Mite Have To Explain a Bit Better … ,

What Are You Trying To Say (???)

Please , Take Your T(Y)me …

The feeling that you’d like to hurt or reject someone because you feel overloaded with people and would prefer the last straw weren’t there.

So Whats Tha Question (???)

You need to get to a mental hospital ASAP. Don’t do anything you are going to regret that will put you in prison.

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Thus Guy Is On a Forum Typing Away and Such ,

Let’s Naught Get Carayzee Here …

N e Hoo “chordy” ,

What question - the one I originally stated which is what is the reason for the sadistic in our society.

I am in control, I am talking about wishing to hurt someone, but not carrying through with it. Don’t push the panic button.

Nevermynde Yo Jeeze … ,

e(Y)e Guess Your “response” Answers My Question Anyways …

Peace. Be Unto You .