Does quetapine take your lazyness away

Since i m take quetapine i feel energetic and its take my lazyness away.i can do my workout without problem.i just wonder does quetapine take your lazyness away

No, it makes me more lazy.

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It will let you sleep easily, another meaning, laziness.

I get the exact opposite of this.

I can’t really notice any effect from it. I’m beginning to wonder if I can justify the expense.

Made me drowsy, dizzy and sedated.

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@Bunny same here

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It slows down your brain.If your brain is too fast(high dopamine),you get burnout easily,so antipsychotic lower the dopamine and you use less energy to do things you wanna do.Your more productive

Ok i think at higher dose it s make laziness relative to sedation.but at small dose its give strength i quess because i feel more willing to do things than before.

Makes me lazier for sure

A lot of people think it is one of the biggest sedators. But everyone is different.

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Makes me sleepy.


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