Does Prozac keep you awake

I’ve gone from 40mg to 20mg of Prozac (Fluoxetine) with the idea of quitting it completely. I have been having trouble falling asleep. Has anyone else had this problem?


I used to take 20mg almost every night for about seven months or so. I don’t think it kept me up ever but I was also on 20mg Zyprexa that knocked me out in about an hour.

I take 60 mg in the morning. I have trouble sleeping but its not from the prozac.

My pdoc recently tried switching me to Prozac from Lexapro, but it only lasted six days because my anxiety went through the roof. I’ve been told that prozac is activating, which would account for it keeping you awake. In my case, I couldn’t sleep because of the panic. Very quickly discontinued it and went back to Lexapro, now I’m fine.

I was on Prozac once, in Feb 1991. I couldn’t sleep all the time I was on it: about three weeks.