Does PMO is bad for your life?

is watching porn and masturbating destroying your chance to have more energy on dating?

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My problem isn’t that I don’t want them, it’s that they don’t want me. So no.

probably. I don’t watch porn nor I masturbate anymore. but I don’t go for dates either…

I don’t see how adding constant sexual tension to things would help me get dates.


Try to find a balance between abstinence and indulging in sexual self-satisfaction.

Especially, don’t watch porn that promotes immorality or abuse. Avoid titles such as “Three niggas rape a clueless teen girl” or “Forbidden love between mother and son” etc… These can mess with your mind really badly.

Energy? no. Actually it makes you see your partner for what he/she is, without sexual ‘distractions’.

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What do u do then dude

I do nothing…


Is it due to the meds

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of course 1515151515

I have sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction. I want to be asexual. I wish to have no libido.

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One problem that may result from masturbating to porn is desensitization, an ever increasing need for stimulation to achieve ejaculation. You can change a girl’s hair color, weight, bust size, etc. when watching porn.

I have a girlfriend, and I watch porn occasionally. She’s aware of that. I just have to be careful not to become desensitized to sexual stimulation.


When I was watching porn once a week this summer for about a month, that once a week was the greatest pleasure I’ve ever experienced. Now I’ve slipped back to like once daily.