Does paranoia and delusion affect study performance

when i try to study i experience some form of distractions due to my delusion and persecutary paranoias.anyone else experiencing this.if so is there anyway to prevent it


True it happens in what I studied too.

I feel that this is the most correct answer.

But when I code it gives an error.

Then I feel someone hacked into my system or playing around with me.

Recent episode was :

I was preparing an Excel sheet with formulas and all the formulas worked and the next day it gave an error.

Then I was thinking someone has interfered in my formula.

The good thing is I had to think deep.
Later got to know I was wrong at few lines.

Paranoia and delusion does effect ones studies but it will make you even sharper.

Where you will explore new ways and who knows new methods and routes can also be found.


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