Does others get drunk easily whilst on their meds?

2 shots and I’m done.

I do not think it is a good idea to drink alcohol while on meds.

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Depends on what meds. My alcohol tolerance is so high at this point that it takes me forever to get drunk on just about anything other than everclear. I hate it. :persevere:

Mixing alcohol with any drugs is a bad idea in my opinion.

Sorry, to answer your question yes i do but i don’t take synthetic meds so that’s supposed to happen.

I drank a lot like a month ago (more than usual) and remember clearly going outside and smoking a cigar and walking back in. On my meds. and i’m only 160 pounds

but now i limit myself to 4 because i’m trying to drink in moderation.

Moderation saves a lot of money.

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Whenever i drink i get 30-50% less effect from alcohol than before meds. 1 beer used to give me a nice buzz now i feel almost nothing. I still have a beer from time to time because i like the taste and if i want to have a buzz i drink 2.

The med’s greatly reduced how much alcohol I can drink. Also, alcohol doesn’t feel as good as it did before I got on med’s. Drinking is such a strong bond, though. You get such a feeling of comraderie when you drink with others. It probably is a mistake to drink on med’s, though. I’ve done a lot of that, and there’s no telling what it has done to my liver.

had some absinthe last week and i liked it, was 80% so need to be careful, i even mixed it with icecream at one point lol

drink is dangerous though, killed my dad

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I can’t do liquor any more. Takes quite a few beers to get drunk. Just one though had a noticeable effect. More of a relaxing thing than it is a getting drunk thing.

Sorry to hear that man.


When I was on a phenothiazine tranquillizer (Trilafon, AKA Perphenazine) and drank alcohol, I got drunk quicker than I used to.


I didn’t drink before I got sick and cant remember anything off my meds regardless of whether I have been drinking or not. I don’t like that I drink but it gets painful that I eat. That’s how I was 320 pounds.