Does or can APs raise cholesterol - how is your cholesterol?

How is your cholesterol? Please vote. If you are on meds for cholesterol vote how is your cholesterol without meds.

  • very high
  • high
  • a bit increased
  • normal
  • low
  • i dont´t know

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They measured my cholesterol a few months ago and its a bit increased. LDL or bad cholesterol is right up there on the limit while overall cholesterol is increased. They put me on a diet and i am supposed to have another test in 3 months.

I suspect its increased because of aps. What do you think?

Mine is normal, but I take cholesterol meds, otherwise it would be high I suppose.

Then vote for increased, high or very high. I meant for cholesterol without meds.

I voted normal.

Certain APs can raise cholesterol, my total cholesterol is normal last time I got it checked… but my bad cholesterol LDL is a bit high.

I am on Lipitor, a cholesterol lowering drug.

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Can a cholesterol lowering drug cause weight gain like aps?

Do not know, but I have been on cholesterol lowering med already over one year and it does not seem to have caused weight gain.

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Well at least some good news if ill have to start taking them. This is what i fear(ed) the most.

Weight gain is a possible side effect for Lipitor - but it is not as bad as the APs, and I dont think as common

Mine is perfect and im 41 years old. But I do take anti-cholesterol medications, I used to have 7. Wich was too high. Now my pdoc says its possible I should stop taking lipitor, since Its in the low end of normal.

And also I am in the proscess of changing from zyprexa (the worst cholesterol drug) to Solian ( a better drug in that department).

If i remember correctly my cholesterol is 5.8 or 5.9. Up to 5.5 is normal i think.