Does one feel more attractive with a dark tan?

I’d feel more attractive if I lost weight.

Me too. I’d like to lose at least 50lbs.

I had a tan one summer and it stands out in my memory. They say it takes only one sunburn to be a cause for skin cancer. But it was good for me psychologically speaking.


I tan really well and lost a mother to melanoma!

There is nothing safe about a tan and if you lived under our sun you’d appreciate that. Sunburn is damage and I get a check every year. It’s not a good outcome for anyone and it’s not something healthy.

There’s nothing healthy about a tan!


That depends on whether or not it looks natural.
Tanning salon tans don’t look natural, so I don’t find that attractive at all.
A natural tan can look good.

Personally, I’m pale. But I don’t mind, I find pale skin beautiful as long as it doesn’t look like it’s caused by illness.

I am 100% ok with my pale skin.

You need to explain this more before I get pissed reading into it.


Yeah I am with @LED. What is that supposed to mean?


What do you mean by this?
I would explain yourself @Dilandi.


I once saw a documentary stating that people who are more than in India get mistreated far more. It had a woman who tried to find a job as a secretary and they literally told her she was too dark. Quite sad.

As for having a tan. I look better with a natural tan I’d say. At the moment I am quite pale. I think people who have a tan tend to look nice. So do pale people sometimes. Just that with a tan you know they go outside and get sunlight. Hah I feel like a vampire sometimes because I don’t get much sunlight.

You don’t want to overdo it. My ex-brother-in-law liked to get tan. In high school in California it was cool to be as tan as possible but my sisters ex-husband got so tanned it came of as being strange. He was way tanner than most people you see walking around. It looked weird but I couldn’t really say anything.

But yeah, back in my school days me and my friends went shirtless during summer as much as we could. Every day was an opportunity to get tanned. We spent most of our summers wearing just cut-off jeans; no shirts, no shoes or socks. We also prided ourselves on having tough feet. We walked everywhere without shoes.

It was also rumored that she was singing about Warren Beatty.

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I’ve never understood why people tan on purpose. Fair skin is incredibly attractive.

Why? Bet that tan makes you more of a believable phony latino. I prefer my skin was darker I’m on the fair side.

People with a tan look healthier. Not that they are necessarily. Maybe opening the door to get skin cancer

I Dont bake in the sun. I wear self tanner. If you wear sunscreen and are out in the sun your skin still can get tan.

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