Does one feel more attractive with a dark tan?

I do, do you…?

A dark tan is just skin damage. But people who naturally have color are lucky. It’s beautiful to be darker skinned naturally.

I do. Some white people are so white when they get into a swimsuit that it’s kind of disconcerting. A good tan gets rid of that.

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vitamin D is a plus, sun tanning in moderation is totally ok in my books

I feel more confidant with a tan

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This thread is disturbing. I’m not hearing voices at the moment, I’ll get back to you after I take an internal poll…wait, wait this is disturbing! I’m incapable of a dark tan, I burn ffs! Pfft hehe

sun tanning is not for everyone, just I like to do it 4 month of the year if possible in no sun mostly Ireland…!

I like being pale.

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I like being pale but I also like being dark

My friend looks good with a tan. Beautiful dark hair and eyes.

we should always do what we enjoy in moderations at least…1

Sun bathing made me sick to my stomach. I think it’s because I had radium treatments when I was a baby. I’m extra sensitive.

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I used to be pretty vain growing up and I would tan in the summers…my dark hair bleached blond from the sun…haha…and I had an afro so you can imagine what that looked like…spent a couple of summers working for money for college down in Panama City Beach, FL got pretty dark working for the Marina and Amusement Parks during the day.


I used to tan every summer, after work would hit the beach, been years now since I tanned

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theres a song if I remember about being vain a very good singer carly simon ever hear it?

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haha “you’re so vain” yes…I love it…there was a rumour that the song was about her past lover, Mick Jagger…if you listen closely to the end of the song…Jagger sings duet with Carly …


never heard that, I just played it there on youtube still a hit IMO

I don’t feel more attractive with a tan. And I tan very easily because I have naturally olive skin. I avoid the sun like the plague. And I have ever since I was in my mid twenties. I’m almost 59 now.

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Nah, not really. Used to, not anymore. I dont like to look really pale either, like when im sick, just my natural skin tone. I kind of stopped feeling attractive anyway, cause of the zyprexa-chubbiness and my face turning older due to age and stress.

Hm. That sounds depressing. More positively phrased: i think my looks arent really as important to me anymore as in my teens and twenties. Other stuff matters more.

man, you are obsessed with your complexion

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