Does my skin colour look hispanic in my profile picture?

does my skin colour look hispanic???

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Looks human to me


I thought you were hispanic from your up close photos…you can’t see you in your avatar…


I dont think that it matters - to be perfectly honest with you

just getting peoples views

anybody on here tonight?

I don’t think you look hispanic in your photo - your skin color looks the same as those around you in the photo and they also don’t look hispanic.

thanks for your opinion but ive been told i do look hispanic many times

The photo is quite dark - so its hard to tell, to be honest.

my skin colour is darker then my brothers in the photo too

my hair is black theres is brown

So what if it does? You can’t change it so why worry about it?

i like my colour i sun bathe in the summer

That’s good. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

i am an alien with black and red skin and horns coming out of my head…that is why i wear a black cape…and occasionally a colourful beanie :tophat: or my mad hatter hat :hatched_chick: :bird: !?!
take care :alien:

im white in the winter, and hispanic in the summer, by sun bathing…i have a choice of colour…:slight_smile:

I’m pale or sunburnt. Minimal tanning capacity. Though I end up with a farmers tan some times. Left arm darker than the ready of the body.

if thats what you think i’ll start calling you Zorro from now on haha