Does my situation show that I'm mentally ill

I’m middle aged and live with my parents. I go for 3 walks daily to get out . Would the neighbors suspect I’m mentally ill because I don’t have a job and Im out walking for hours and living with parents at my age?

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Some ppl dont work and live with their parents but they’re not mentally ill. Also I know ppl older than me who work and still live with their parents. Some are even like 50 y.o.

At the moment, not necessarily. A lot of families are moving back together as COVID lockdowns and restrictions have devastated the service industry and put a lot of younger folks out of work. Our own daughter (almost 20) moved back home with us to do college remotely. We’re not sure if she’s going to college this fall or doing it remotely as we’re now entering an intense, variant driven third wave.

I know people in my village
deem i am crazy.

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i have the same feeling, i choose to not go out in public during working hours so noone knows i am unemployed disability recipient. also i feel it’s suspicious for a semi young guy like me to be out going for walks during the middle of the day so i don’t.

Nah, if they do, you shouldnt even care what they care think about you, just mind your own business and enjoy your walks. Your free to walk as long as you want.


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