Does my aunt also have an illness?

She wants to go on holiday with us because her son (cousin) is also going with us but the woman doest want to go anywhere. Either the place is too cold or she tries to tell us there’s a chance of earthquake so we shouldn’t go there or there is nothing to see or were not going to find any veg food there to eat. So what’s the point? Just stay at home. I know she has her issues but now she’s starting to annoy me. The woman is scared of everything. She looks at crime programs and it seriously effefect her. The other day she sent me a whole essay on how to avoid Ebola so she’s obviously been reading about it. i don’t know why she annoys me so much becoz Im also a hypochondriac but wow she is just too much sometimes. I think I’m annoyed at her because im having symptoms I’ve never been this annoyed with her my entire life.

She seems pretty negative, kind of like one of my aunts. If I were you I would ignore the negativity as much as possible or it will bring you down.
Remain positive! :smiley:


She sounds like she’s caught in a loop of catastrophic thinking.

I always wonder if people complain like that because they are lonely or they are scared.

I’m sorry your Aunt is being like this. It’s hard to break out of a negative mind set.

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