Does mental illness give u bad physical illness

I think i have ulcers and t.v i am very vulnerable to illness. .

Well it can cause psychical symptoms like anxiety sometimes causes heart palpitations.

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Do u feel anxiety ish…

@far_cry0 I was at the gps office she refused to do my blood pressure check as I looked anxious and tbh I didn’t think so or even realise But other times I’m completely aware of it. I get psychical heart increase symptoms

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What is T.v btw

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Tuberculosis. .

Why do you think you have TB?

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I suffer from it 10 years ago…i took medicine …but i couldn’t controll smoking habit…

Ok doesn’t necessarily mean you got it again but still worth getting checked

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Ty man…ur preety woman on this forum.take care. .

Do you smoke still?

Well the meds gave me a lot of physical issues. Back when my psychosis was out of control and I was getting like 3 hours of sleep at night if at all that definitely made me get sick all the time. And high levels of anxiety can be terrible for your health.

Yes ish…!!!

Well I won’t lecture you but that doesn’t help

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Spread somthing positive in this thread…

Well I was trying to. Smoking isn’t positive.

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