Does Memory Practice help you retain information?

I was reading an old entry here about how after a lifetime of Antipsychotic medication, memory was lost by people in midlife. I agree, it is hard to know whether the cognitive damage is from the illness or the meds. I think a lot of it is the illness. When i was newly diagnosed in my early twenties, they (a hospital I was in) did a ton of psychological testing on me. When they gave me the results, one sentence leaped out a me . : “There is evidence of a formerly prodigious intellect” OH that sentence was like a stab wound. I had been at the top of my classes both in High School and college—in spite of burgeoning mental illness. This analysis made me want to cry. If I was no longer bright…what was I ? A psychotic mess.

NOW, 30+ years later, I have noticed a much greater lapse of memory. I constantly have to stop and search my mind for the words i want to write or speak. I forget names, and events. I know some of this damage (maybe most of it) is from ECT. But I think both meds and illness contribute.
What do I do about it?
I memorize Scripture. This is something i have worked at all through my life, but had let it lapse since my last break in 2007. NOw I have picked it up again and have discovered an APP that is wonderful at helping me memorize… It’s called “Scripture Typer” and there are apps for the PC,for iOS, and for Android/kindle.
If you have any interest in it…check it out. I really feel it is helping me although it is heartbreaking to me to see how difficult it is for me to retain infor. I will have a passage down pat and a few days later have to start all over with it because I’ve forgotten it. But I do not quit. If you throw enough S*** at the wall, some of it is bound to stick. LOL

Yes, you can improve your memory with practice. I have noticed this myself.