Does meds causes negative symptoms?

There you go

I had the negatives before I ever took an antipsychotic

Well, meds are going to make it worse. So it’s a big decrease in quality of life. Dont you think?

Positive symptoms are much worse to deal with.

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Look @Nada_de_nada , APs are very dangerous and deleterious.
However, there are problems like agitation, involuntary movements,intrusive thoughts, psychosis etc that are part of schizophrenia.
And if you reject APs, you need to find alternative methods to deal with the symptoms.

I have managed to find such alternative methods but my journey is and has been very difficult,
and I don’t blame people who take APs.

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the higher dose of antipsychotics the stronger the dopamine2 blockade witch often worsens some of the negatives. I still thinks That 75 % of the negatives are caused by the illness itself.

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I too have negative symptoms and not on any ap. I think we both have catatonic issues and not actually negative symptoms of schizo. Catatonia is lack of activity, lack of emotions, lack of motivation etc which appear like negative symptoms but not actually negative symptoms associated with schizo.

I think a general differentiating factor is. In catatonic negative symptoms we have the option to do the needed if try while in schizo negative it feels very hard to do things even if try.

Yes reduction in dopamine is the root cause of negative symptoms in both the cases. The reason why i say so is because when i take dopamine boosting things like thyroid pill, tyrosine etc catatonic slowness improves. Catatonia is a mild form of parkinson disease.


I had big problems with negative symptoms long before I took any med’s. I might say Haldol made my negative symptoms worse, but I don’t think Geodon and Seroquel have.

Haldol is a strong dopamine blocker. If you already have catatonia issues it can make negative symptoms worse.