Does medication make your life better or worse?

Do you want to stay on your meds or stop them? I find that mine change my personality in all different ways depending on which one I’m on, and I don’t like it. However it does quiet the voices some.

Medication makes my life better.


They made my life worse. I’d rather go unmedicated, though I still do psychotherapy and take care of myself. I live independently but can’t work.

medication makes my life better. At a high enough dose it makes the voices go away completely, making it so that I can read again and hear my own thoughts, instead of just voices. I’m in school again now, which gives me hope that I can have a future with a job. I can drive a car now too, whereas before I couldn’t because I had visual hallucinations and voices distracting me while I tried to drive. I’d rather be medicated and take the repercussions of the side effects, then be constantly hearing voices and losing grip with reality.


I would rather take my medicine and try to have a least a normal life. If I went off my meds I would loose everything. I would advise that if a medicine works for you stay on it.


Well, obviously if we didn’t need them than nobody would take them. Maybe I’m missing your point. But they are needed. If you are schizophrenic and you could go without meds that’s fine. If you need them that’s fine. But they helped me so I stay on them. I’ve seen too many people relapse because they stop taking their medication.

They used to chain us to walls and let the public tour the asylum and look at us like animals in a zoo. They used to do lobotomies on us, or put us into an insulin induced shock. Those were the cutting edge treatments for people with schizophrenia back a half a century ago. Now they swear by medication. Maybe something else will come along that’s better than meds. But until then we take meds.


Once I found the right med that worked for me? Definitely better. It was a battle finding the right meds, though. A lot of bad reactions, weight gain, and crazy side effects along the way.

Without the meds I’m a mess. I would almost certainly be dead by now without them.


When I wasn’t on the meds I am now…

They didn’t feel like they helped much. Still had the voices… but I also felt heavy… immobile and numb.

I didn’t have as much hallucinations… I was also hitting the negative symptoms…

For a while I did feel like a lab rat… and I was almost ready to give up.

But I did work with my doc… and eventually the med mix I’m on now turned everything around.

The right meds… made my life better.


Meds make my life way better. Probably not as energetic as I once was (due to mania) but I’m still able to function pretty well.


I got locked up in hospital back in 2010 and they put me on Flupentixol injection every 2weeks I was reasonably slow to recover now my symptoms are mild unless I’m stressed socialy I actually feel good within myself these days and consider myself 80% recovered. I was a mess and couldn’t handle anything or anyone before this medication. I get very restless but I’d rather that than sedation.