Does Medicare cover Telepsychiatry appointments?

Does anyone know if Medicare will cover these kind of appointments?
I mean I know that Medicare covers Telepsychiatry appointments for now because of the Coronavirus situation, but will they cover these kind of sessions when the Covid epidemic subsides?
Does anyone know?

My current psychiatrist is moving over to an exclusive Telepsychiatry only platform.
I want to be able to continue to see her but only if Medicare covers it.

I’m not sure. It’s being covered for now. Call Medicare and ask them. They’ll be able to tell you

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Yeah I’m afraid of what they’ll tell me.
I really like my doctor.

I hope for your sake, they cover it.

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I think they have to. You need to check in with your pdoc and you can’t go in for an office visit

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Thanks @CoCo :slightly_smiling_face:

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Almost certain they do. Even before this was going on I would occasionally do phone call appointments with my pdoc and never had a problem getting it covered.

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Yeah I know that Medicare is covering the cost for now because of Covid but I’m wondering what happens in the future when things get back to normal.

I have to contact my insurance company at some point.
They will tell me.

Thanks @LED and @anon12381882

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Jassy gonna pout if she gets a big bill for the one she had.:confused::confused:


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